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Gold coins "George the Victorious" appeared in the offices of BBR Bank

In January 2022, BBR Bank expanded the sales network of investment coins. Now the gold coin "George the Victorious" can be bought in almost all regions of the bank's presence.

Investment coins are an effective and reliable tool for long-term investment of funds, which has a number of advantages. An obvious plus is that transactions with them are not subject to VAT.

“This type of investment is becoming more and more popular among our clients. We believe that this is due to an increase in the level of financial literacy and interest in passive income that can be obtained from the sale of coins in the growing market of precious metals. Buying an investment coin is a simple operation in a bank that does not require additional knowledge from the client. Another advantage is that the client does not need to pay personal income tax if the holding period exceeds three years. To confirm it, you must save the cash orders received at the bank upon purchase. In addition, a coin can be donated, but it is better to document the fact of donation in order to avoid paying personal income tax during the sale, ”explains Larisa Meshcheryakova, Deputy Head of the Retail Business Department of BBR Bank.

With a steady growth in gold, such investments are profitable in the long term - the minimum recommended holding period is at least five years. This is due to the fact that the price of investment coins is tied to the price of precious metals.

Book gold coins "George the Victorious" on the BBR Bank website in the "Deposits and Savings" section. 25.01.2022

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