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BBR Bank, together with ITI Capital, presented the Bank's clients with Pre-IPO - a topical highly profitable investment product

BBR Bank organized investment evenings for clients with one of the leading Russian brokers, ITI Capital.

The meetings were held in Krasnoyarsk and Vladivostok. As part of the events, ITI Capital experts shared effective ways of investing in the stock market.

The bank's clients were presented with the IPO and Pre-IPO of Russian and American technology companies, which provide opportunities to increase income on the growth of the value of shares after they enter the secondary market. The average growth potential of the companies represented at the meeting is from 50%. The product will be of interest to clients who want to invest in companies at a later stage of preparation or on the eve of an IPO.

 - This is one of those ways of investing funds that are now attracting keen interest. Colleagues from ITI Capital spoke about possible investment strategies and general market practice in Russia, showed effective investment instruments, gave private consultations to our clients, - said Oksana Katz, Deputy Chairman of the Board of BBR Bank, about the event. 21.10.2021

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